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Event: LRRL Winter Series, Race 5 (Markfield '10')
Venue: Markfield
Date: 14/03/2010
Distance: 10km

13th Lazloe Boden 35mins 53s (2nd MV45)
53rd Scott Speller 38mins 21s
60th Richard Bufton 38mins 34s (2nd MV50)
68th Ady King 39mins 05s
70th Adam Brooks 39mins 10s
83rd Matt Driver 39mins 48s (2nd MU20)
178th Nick Turner-Henke 44mins 29s
190th Martin Hughes 45mins 05s
267th Nick Johnston 49mins 32s
287th Ruth Bingham 50mins 52s
301st Hazel Buswell 51mins 25s
329th Lin Farrow 54mins 25s
331st Jo Johnston 54mins 55s
332nd Jackie King 55mins 04s
350th Linda Lawton 57mins 03s
361st Dave Oram 58mins 25s

*There were a total of 385 finishers.
**The Men's Team were 4th, and lie 5th in Division 3 overall; while the Veteran Men's Team were 2nd=, and lie 4th in Division 2. The Women's Team were 3rd, and are 2nd overall in Division 3; with the Veteran Women's Team 1st, and 1st overall in their Division 3.

***Full results available via the Beaumont AC Results page.