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Event: National 12 & 6 Stage Relays
Venue: Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield
Date: 17/04/2010
Distance: 3 Miles, 5.6 Miles

Men's Team:
Daniel Worley (Team Position: 70th) 32:57
Adam Brooks (70th) 17:56
Sean Fenwick (58th) 28:46
Graeme Rolfe (62nd) 20:14
Richard Bufton (65th) 33:44
Rick Brown (67th) 20:13
William Clapp (63rd) 30:58
Tony Harrison (63rd) 20:13
Martin Gore (60th) 32:03
Martin Hughes (62nd) 20:59
Scott Speller (60th) 33:17
Chris Webb (57th) 18:48

*The Men's Team finished 57th, in 5hours 10mins 08s.

**Full Men's Team Results available to download through this link.