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Event: East Midlands Grand Prix, Stage 4
Venue: East Carlton Park, Corby
Date: 26/05/2010
Distance: 5 Miles

17th Will Clapp 0:28:15
29th Lazloe Boden 0:29:08 (2nd MV45)
37th Martin Gore 0:29:43
53rd Ady King 0:30:55
55th Richard Bufton 0:31:00 (2nd MV50)
62nd Matt Driver 0:31:10 (4th MU20)
74th Adam Brooks 0:31:49
86th Oliver Clarke 0:32:34
115th Chris Webb 0:34:04
192nd Nick Johnson 0:37:57
225th David Ward 0:40:10
251st Sarah van Neirop 0:41:33
269th Ruth Bingham 0:42:45
293rd Jo Johnston 0:45:06
301st Steve Clarke 0:46:18
306th Debbie Clasper 0:46:58
311th Brenda Shrive 0:47:41

*There were a total of 340 finishers.
**The men’s team finished 6th overall, with the veteran men’s team 2nd. The women’s team finished 11th, and the veteran women’s team 9th.

***Full results available here.