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Event: Senior Track & Field, Division 7, Match 3
Venue: Abingdon
Date: 03/07/2010
Distance: Varied

100m (A) - 7th Jamie Astley 12.9secs
100m (B) - 2nd Roy Barber 11.9secs

200m (A) - 4th Roy Barber 24.6secs
200m (B) - 6th Chris Astley 26.2secs

400m (A) - 4th Matt Driver 61.0secs
400m (B) - 3rd Chris Astley 60.7secs

800m (A) - 2nd Jake Watson 2:16.1
800m (B) - 1st Will Clapp 2:16.4

1500m (A) - 2nd Will Clapp 4:35.3
1500m (B) - 2nd Matt Driver 4:53.3

Triple Jump (A) - 5th Jake Watson 10.35m

Shot Putt (A) - 6th Jamie Astley 8.05m
Shot Putt (B) - 5th Chris Astley 7.57m

Hammer (A) - 3rd Graham Hillier 19.78m

Javelin (A) - 6th Jamie Astley 18.43m

High Jump (A) - 4th Jake Watson 1.50m

4 x 100m Relay - 3rd 53.0s

4 x 400m Relay - 4th 4:10.6


200m (A) - 5th Marise Taylor 35.3s
200m (B) - 2nd Emily Taylor 28.9s *CR

400m (A) - 1st Emily Taylor 65.5s
400m (B) - 1st Sarah Ward 66.0s

100mH (A) - 1st Lianne Brooks 26.0s

400mH (A) - 4th Lianne Brooks 98.0s

800m (A) - 3rd Sarah Ward 2:38.7
800m (B) - 3rd Karen Brooks 3:02.6

1500m (A) - 2nd Karen Brooks 5:47.0

3000m (A) - 3rd Karen Brooks 11:42.7

Long Jump (A) - 5th Emily Taylor 3.75m
Long Jump (B) - 4th Lianne Brooks 2.71m

Triple Jump (A) - 3rd Sarah Ward 8.33m

High Jump (A) - 1st Sarah Ward 1.40m

Pole Vault (A) - 1st Lianne Brooks 1.70m

Shot Putt (A) - 5th Marise Taylor 6.03m
Shot Putt (B) - 4th Lianne Brooks 5.11m

Discus (A) - 6th Marise Taylor 13.42m
Discus (B) - 3rd Lianne Brooks 11.26m

Hammer (A) - 5th Marise Taylor 14.51m

Javelin (A) - 2nd Marise Taylor 14.27m
Javelin (B) - 3rd Lianne Brooks 11.45m

4 x 100m Relay - 3rd 62.7s

*The Team took third place overall, with a total of 307 points.