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Event: Heart of England Track & Field League, Meeting 3
Venue: Saffron lane, Leicester
Date: 04/09/2010
Distance: Varied

U11 Girls:
75m: 2nd Niamh Watson (A) 11.5s
75m: 1st Mollie Watson (B) 12.2s
75m: 2nd Alice Benstead (B) 12.6s
600m: 1st Niamh Watson (A) 2:01.2
600m: 1st Mollie Watson (B) 2:04.3
Long Jump: 2nd Niamh Watson (A) 3.48m
Long Jump: 1st Mollie Watson (B) 3.15m
Long Jump: N/S Alice Benstead 2.57m
Long Jump: N/S Charlotte Ellis 3.33m

U13 Boys:
100m: 2nd Jack Benstead (A) 15.3s
100m: 1st Isaac Watson (B) 15.4s
800m: 5th Jack Benstead (A) 2:46.4
1500m: 1st Sam Edwards (A) 5:09
Long Jump: 3rd Jack Benstead (A) 3.77m
Shot Put: 1st Sam Edwards (A) 6.37m

U15 Boys:
Shot Put: 1st Max Edwards (A) 7.83m
Javelin: 3rd Max Edwards (A) 25.26m

U15 Girls:
200m: 5th Bethany Ellis 32.1s
800m: 1st Bethany Ellis 2:40.3

U17 Boys:
100m: 1st Roy Barber 12.1s
400m: 1st Roy Barber 54.0s
Shot Put: 3rd Roy Barber 8.62m

U17 Girls:
200m: 1st Emily Taylor 29.5s
400m: 2nd Emily Taylor 64.5s
Shot Put: 4th Emily Taylor 5.66m