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Event: English National XC Championships
Venue: Alton Towers, Staffordshire
Date: 19/02/2011
Distance: Varied

Senior Men (12km):
108th Sean Fenwick 40:07
669th Adam Brooks 50:01
920th Graeme Rolfe 54:50
1051th Martin Hughes 58:23
1298th David Oram 81:52
*There were a total of 1,302 finishers

Senior Women (8km):
126th Hannah Eveleigh 29:27
477th Lianne Brooks 39:47
483rd Marise Taylor 40:29
*There were a total of 552 finishers

Junior Women (6km):
110th Sarah Ward 41:26
*There were a total of 111 finishers

Junior Men (10km):
161st Matthew Driver 36:53
*There were a total of 183 finishers

U17 Women (5km):
152nd Emily Taylor 27:17
*There were a total of 210 finishers

U17 Men (6km):
237th Jake Watson 30:43
*There were a total of 270 finishers

U15 Girls (4km):
149th Bethany Ellis 17:51
*There were a total of 322 finishers

U13 Boys (3km):
78th Sam Edwards 9:44
*There were a total of 327 finishers

**Full results available via this link.