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Event: The 2011 Virgin London Marathon
Venue: London
Date: 17/04/2011
Distance: 26.2 Miles

3,805th Dave Waddington 3h 28m 53s
7,223rd Graeme Rolfe 3h 51m 03s
11,730th Chris Blackburn 4h 11m 34s
11,773rd Shane Edge 4h 11m 46s
11,774th Jessica Edge 4h 11m 46s
11,904th Kevin Dinsdale 4h 12m 18s
12,583rd Tony Harrison 4h 15m 09s
30,810th Andy Shrive 5h 49m 19s
30,811th Sue Shrive 5h 49m 19s
32,653rd Sandra Arm 6h 15m 01s

*There were a total of 34,656 finishers.
**Full Results are available via this link.