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Event: The Livingston Relays
Venue: Braunstone Park, Leicester
Date: 24/04/2011
Distance: 3 Miles

Veteran Men:
Alan Fordham 20:33
Tony Harrison 20:51
Dave Ward 22:31
Nick Johnston 22:40
*The veteran Men's Team were 10th, from 12 finishing teams, with an overall time of 87:35.

Senior Men:
('A' Team):
Ady King 17:24
Matt Driver 17:03
Adam Brooks 17:43
Will Clapp 18:07
*The Senior Men's 'A' Team were 8th, with an overall time of 70:17.

('B' Team):
Dan Taylor 22:43
Matt Taylor 22:21
Dave Oram 27:00
Steve Sawford 23:34
*The senior Men's 'B' Team were 17th, in 95:38.

Senior Women:
('A' Team):
Emily Taylor 20:40
Karen Brooks 20:33
Yvonne Scarrott 20:03
*The Senior Women's 'A' Team were 4th, in 61:16.

('B' Team):
Unity Hamilton-Harding 21:54
Jackie King 23:06
Jo Johnston 24:05
*The Senior Women's 'B' Team were 10th, in 69:05.

('C' Team):
Marise Taylor 25:32
Lin Farrow 25:00
Lianne Brooks 24:18
*The Senior Women's 'C' Team were 13th, in 74:50.

('D' Team):
Nicola James 23:40
Sarah Ward 22:28
Yvonne Barber 29:51
*The Senior Women's 'D' Team were 16th, in 75:59.

**Full Results available via this link.