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Event: Harborough '5' (EMGP Series, Race 6)
Venue: Top Lock Car Park, Foxton Locks
Date: 14/06/2011
Distance: 5 Miles

4th Sean Fenwick 26:41 (1st MV40) *CR
7th Andy Robinson 27:15
22nd Martin Gore 29:13 (4th MV40)
25th Ady King 29:41
38th Matt Driver 30:44 (1st MU20)
55th Shane Edge 31:52 (4th MV50)
69th Jake Watson 32:48 (2nd MU20)
78th Hannah Eveleigh 33:00 (1st FV35)
116th Graeme Rolfe 34:27
119th Nick Turner-Henke 34:34
141st Karen Brooks 35:24 (3rd FV50)
143rd Cor Derks 35:36
154th Chris Beasley 35:57
196th Emily Taylor 37:39 (2nd FU20)
203rd Nick Johnston 38:02
212th David Ward 38:27
216th Chris Loake 38:36
224th Kenny Anderson 38:52
227th Hazel Buswell 39:00 (3rd FV45)
239th Ruth Bingham 39:53 (4th FV45)
246th Peter Oliver 40:16
252nd Jackie King 40:33
269th Bobby Clydesdale 41:49
280th Lin Farrow 42:45 (3rd FV55)
284th Jo Johnston 43:00
288th Clare Barton 43:11
302nd Linda Lawton 44:41
305th Marise Taylor 45:08
319th Rachel Bedell 46:39
322nd Barry Yarwood 47:05
325th Dave Oram 47:33 (4th MV65)
329th Hannah Bevan 48:22

*There were a total of 348 finishers.
**Both the Senior Men's Team and the Veteran Men's Team were 2nd; the Senior Women's Team were 4th, while the Veteran Women's Team 1st.
***Full Results are available via this link.