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Event: Heart of England Track & Field, Meeting 1
Venue: The Alan Moreton Track, Stourport, Kidderminster
Date: 10/06/2012
Distance: Varied

Age GroupEventNamePositionResult
U11 Girls600mLizzie Clapp4th2:16.0
Long JumpLizzie Clapp6th2.35m
U13 Girls100mCharlotte Ellis4th15.0s
200mNiamh Watson2nd(A)30.5s(*CR)
Charlotte Ellis1st(B)31.7s
800mMollie Waton1st2:41.6
1500m Niamh Watson1st5:45.4
70mHMollie Watson2nd13.7s
High JumpMollie Watson2nd1.20m(*CR)
Long JumpNiamh Watson1st(A)4.16m(*CR)
Charlotte Ellis1st(B)3.80m
Shot PutCharlotte Ellis1st5.91m(*CR)
U13 Boys100mCharlie Blencowe3rd14.8s
200mCharlie Blencowe4th31.3s
Long JumpCharlie Blencowe5th3.29m
U15 Girls100mSuzannah Hickie6th14.7s
1500mMartha Clapp2nd5:41.9
JavelinSuzannah Hickie2nd17.5m(*CR)
U15 Boys100mBen Morris3rd13.4s
200mBen Morris2nd26.8s
High JumpBen Morris1st1.37m
Long JumpIsaac Watson3rd4.24m
JavelinIsaac Watson5th10.36m
U17 Girls300mBethany Ellis2nd44.3s
800mBethany Ellis1st2:21.5