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Event: Midland Vets Track & Field, Match 3
Venue: Pingles Leisure Centre, Avenue Road, Nuneaton CV11
Date: 27/06/2012
Distance: Varied


EventAge BracketNamePositionResult
100mMV35Nick Turner-Henke4th14.4s
MV40Chris Holliday5th13.7s
MV50Dave Ward6th14.8s
MV60Stuart Avins4th15.4s
400mMV35Will Clapp3rd65.9s
MV40Chris Holliday5th62.3s
MV50Dave Ward5th71.2s
1500mMV35Chris Webb4th5:23.6
MV40Will Clapp3rd4:41.6
MV60Rick Brown1st5:45.3
2k WalkMV40Graham Laurie4th12:11.0
MV60Dave Oram5th14:35.7
4x200m Relay-Chris Holliday4th2:00.3
Chris Webb
Will Clapp
Nick Turner-Henke
EventAge BracketNamePositionResult
The Menís Team were classified 4th with 92pts
HammerMV35Chris Webb6th12.13m
MV50Dave Oram5th16.40m
Shot PuttMV60Stuart Avins3rd8.00m
High JumpMV35Nick Turner-Henke6th1.25m
MV50Stuart Avins4th1.30m
Triple JumpMV40Dave Ward8.31m
JavelinMV35Stuart Avins6th20.82m


EventAge BracketNamePositionResult
100mFV35Nicola James6th17.6s
FV40Marise Taylor5th16.4s
FV50Linda Lawton4th16.5s
400mFV35Nicola James4th77.7s
FV40Linda Lawton6th81.8s
FV60Anne Knights4th109.3s
1500mFV35Nicola James3rd6:13.0
FV40Yvonne Scarrott2nd5:40.6
FV50Karen Brooks1st5:20.7
2k WalkFV35Jenny Jones3rd19:21.6
FV40Lin Farrow3rd14:17.4
4x200m Relay-Linda Lawton3rd2:23.9
Marise Taylor
Nicola James
Jill Roginski
EventAge BracketNamePositionResult
The Women's Team were classified 2nd with 96pts
The Combined Team finished 3rd overall, and lie third in the League.
*Full Results are available via this link
High JumpFV35Marise Taylor2nd=1.15m
FV50Jill Roginksi2nd1.15m
Shot PuttFV40Marise Taylor4th5.71m
FV50Jill Roginksi2nd=7.30m
JavelinFV40Jill Roginski2nd18.79m