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Event: Senior Track & Field Meeting, Division 7, Match 3
Venue: Harvey Hadden Stadium, Nottingham NG8 4PB
Date: 01/07/2012
Distance: Varied


The Men's Team were classified 3rd.
100mRoy BarberA1st12.4s
Mark CherryB4th14.1s
200mRoy BarberA2nd24.5s
Mark CherryB4th28.5s
400mMichael BurkeA4th70.1s
Matt DriverB3rd61.2s
800mMichael BurkeA3rd2:16.7
Dan TaylorB2nd2:43.8
1500mMichael BurkeA4th4:46.2
Matt DriverB2nd5:08.6
5000mMatt DriverA3rd18:49.2
Mark CherryB2nd19:54.4
400mHDan TaylorA1st65.3s
Andy WilkinsonB1st85.6s
2000m S/CMatt DriverA1st7:36.1
Mark CherryB1st7:49.7
Long JumpMatt DriverA4th3.88m
Dave WardB3rd3.84m
High JumpMark CherryA3rd1.40m
Shot PutDave WardA5th6.02m
Matt TaylorB5th5.75m
HammerGraham HillierA4th21.19m
Matt TaylorB4th12.99m
JavelinMatt TaylorA5th27.17m
Mark CherryB5th16.46m
DiscusMatt TaylorA5th16.17m
Dave WardB4th11.22m
Pole VaultAndy WilkinsonA3rd3.40m(*CR)
4x100m RelayLeg #1-3rd53.6s
Leg #2
Leg #3
Leg #4
4x400m RelayLeg #1-3rd4:15.5
Leg #2
Leg #3
Leg #4


The Women's Team were classified 1st.
100mLianne BrooksA5th15.9s
Marise TaylorB4th16.4s
400mSarah WardA3rd71.5s
Lianne BrooksB1st75.7s
800mBethany EllisA1st2:28.6
Karen BrooksB1st2:43.3
1500mBethany EllisA1st5:26.6
Karen BrooksB1st5:58.1
3000mKaren BrooksA1st12:29.0
Lin FarrowB1st14:16.4
100mHSarah WardA1st23.6s
Lianne BrooksB1st24.1s
400mHSarah WardA2nd84.7s
Lianne BrooksB1st95.6s
Long JumpSarah WardA4th3.49m
Marise TaylorB1st3.26m
Triple JumpSarah WardA3rd7.49m
High JumpSarah WardA3rd1.25m
Pole VaultLianne BrooksA2nd2.40m(*CR)
Shot PutMarise TaylorA3rd5.81m
Lin FarrowB4th2.95m
HammerMarise TaylorA2nd15.20m
Lin FarrowB2nd4,59m
JavelinMarise TaylorA2nd14.33m
Lin FarrowB3rd6.19m
DiscusMarise TaylorA2nd15.45m
4x100m RelayLeg #1-3rd62.3s
Leg #2
Leg #3
Leg #4
4x400m RelayLeg #1-1st5:11.2
Leg #2
Leg #3
Leg #4

Total Scores

Harborough AC1st295
Notts AC 'B'2nd260
Daventry AC3rd225
Hereford & County AC4th188
Tamowrth 'B' AC 5th171

*Full Results are available via this link.