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Event: Club Championship 3k
Venue: The Woodlands, Market Harborough
Date: 02/10/2012
Distance: 3km

Please contact me if any of the names/results are incorrect.
Sean Fenwick1st9:58
Ady King2nd10:28
Will Clapp3rd10:32
Michael Burke4th10:35
Adam Brooks5th10:43
Tom Ward6th11:23
Hannah Eveliegh7th11:33
Bob Allsop=8th11:43
Richard Bufton
Steve Daly9th12:04
Paul Russell10th12:18
Tim Durham11th12:45
George Nolan12th12:55
Dick Callan13th13:06
Megan Booler14th13:11
Unity Hamilton-Harding15th13:12
Daryl Wing16th13:19
Nicola James17th13:24
David Ward18th13:42
Clare Rice19th14:09
Paul Booler20th14:18
Jackie King=21st14:20
Lin Farrow
Steve Sawford22nd14:39
Ray Lack23rd14:55
Sarah Blencowe24th15:56
Theresa Brown25th16:13