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Event: Markfield '10' (LRRL)
Venue: South Charnwood High School, Markfield
Date: 27/01/2008
Distance: 10 km

52nd Kyle Barber 38m 25secs
85th Richard Bufton 40m 18secs
182nd Graeme Rolfe 45m 11secs
190th Maurice Gray 45m 26secs
201st Adam Brooks 45m 40secs
203rd Ady King 45m 52secs
206th Dean Rushby 46m 09secs
281st Ray Lack 50m 50secs
299th Chris Loake 53m 46secs

*there were a total of 328 male finishers.

*The Men's Team are lying 4th in League 3 after 2 rounds.
*The Men's Vets Team are 6th in League 3.

64th Traci Edwards 50m 23secs
73rd Ruth Bingham 51m 09secs
87th Lianne Brooks 52m 42secs
124th Lin Farrow 55m 48secs
148th Yvonne Barber 63m 44secs
160th Ann Knights 73m 18secs

*there were a total of 160 female finishers.

*The Women's Team are lying 11th in League 2 after 2 rounds.
*The Women's Vets Team are 11th.

*full results available via