The Forth Round Harborough Spring Relay

Start time: 10:00 on 14th April 2019.

The entry is free but eligible to club members only.

We have been forced to make changes to the format of this year's race, mainly due to building works on the airfield site between Lubenham and the canal.

This has resulted in the relay being reduced from six stages to five. The overall distance remains roughly the same at 19.8 miles by adding 1.5 miles to each of the final 2 stages.

Again building work and temporary traffic controls in Leicester lane, Great Bowden is affecting what has in previous years has been the second stage. This means that the first stage will now for the most part be the former stage 2 and will now start from the car park in Great Bowden recreation ground, which will proceed to Manor road through the rec and footpath that comes out on Main street opposite Manor road. It will then follow the same rout as the former Stage 2 to the usual change over point just south of Sutton Bassett.

The old stage 3 now becomes stage 2 and remains exactly the same as before, as does the old stage 4 which now becomes stage 3.

The new stage 4 which was stage 5 will still start from the bollards on the path outside the leisure centre, and follow the same route cross country to East Farndon but instead of finishing in Marston road just outside the village it will continue to Marston church for the change over to the final stage 5 on the small parking space outside the church gates.

Stage 5 will continue as the old stage 6 cross country through the Lubenham Hall estate coming out onto the road to East Farndon, it will then proceed to East Farndon instead of finishing in Lubenham. In East Farndon it will then turn left onto Harbourough road and onto Watson avenue where it turns right and follows the route of previous Handicap / Raffle runs through Maurice road and Rainsbourough Gardens to finish back at the Leisure centre by the bollards.

We will be looking forward to seeing you on the day and hoping for a good days sport.

You can download the route guides below (PDF).

Stage 1 Great Bowden to Sutton Bassett - 10:00
Stage 2 Sutton Bassett to Braybrooke - Est. 10:18
Stage 3 Braybrooke to Harborough Leisure Centre - Est. 10:58
Stage 4 Harborough Leisure Centre to Marston Trussell - Est. 11:16
Stage 5 Marston Trussell to Harborough Leisure Centre - Est. 11:43